Multi System Emulator

ares is a cross-platform, open source, multi-system emulator, focusing on accuracy and preservation.

ares v139 (2024-06-19 17:00:00)

Supported Systems

Systems marked as 'Experimental' are supported, but are not yet recommended for everyday use


Native multi-platform UI

Using the 'hiro' framework, ares looks and behaves like a native application on all supported platforms, using WinAPI (Windows), Cocoa (macOS), GTK2 or GTK3 (posix)

Dynamic Rate Control

You can now synchronize both audio and video output at the same time, for a smooth experience for those systems that don't match the host frame-rate.

Save States

Resume where you left off, even if the game you're playing does not natively support saving.


Reduce input lag and response time by accounting for internal processing delays in the original games, it's now possible to achieve lower latency than is possible on real-hardware using a CRT!

Rewind and fast-forward

Speed up and rewind gameplay as you wish; breeze past long cutscenes or recover from your mistakes.

Pixel Shaders

Apply shader-based filters to enhance your experience; simulate the look of a CRT or smooth out the display, ares ships with a collection of shaders from libretro's slang-shaders.

Color Correction

Optionally emulate the display characteristics of the originals systems for an authentic experience. Nostalgic for the washed out colours of the original GBA screen, or playing a game that relies on LCD ghosting? We've got you covered.

Input Multi-Mapping

With Virtual Game-Pads, you only need to configure controls once and it will be automatically adapted to suit each system you emulate.


Simple debug features such as trace logging to aid development of original software for supported systems