ares v123 released
2021-08-22 13:50:00

ares v123 includes significant improvements to the emulation of the ColecoVision, SG-1000 and the Game Boy/Game Boy Color.

This release brings the compatibility rating for ColecoVision and SG-1000 to four stars.

This means that we have 100% compatibility with both of those libraries, with the only exception being the few games that require additional peripherals (driving controllers; touchpads, etc).

The Game Boy improvements are significant, but not quite enough to increase the compatibility rating at the present time, even so, Many more games are playable than before.

Finally, a few tweaks to MegaDrive emulation have improved compatibility, reduced the occurance of video corruption, and improved performance of the Sega 32X emulation.


  • ColecoVision: Initialize ram to 0; fixes a crash in The Heist [Luke Usher]
  • ColecoVision: Disable cartridge rom mirroring; fixes Sammy Lightfoot [invertego]
  • ColecoVision/MSX/SG-1000: Initialize VRAM to 0; fixes various games [invertego]
  • Game Boy: Check window x-coord instead of only y-coord; improves the Acid2 test rom [Luke Usher]
  • Game Boy: Only raise STAT interrupt when display is enabled; fixes Cool Hand [invertego]
  • Game Boy: Implement HALT hardware bug [Meepster99]
  • Game Boy: Fix relationship between LY and STAT interrupt; fixes Elite Soccer, Mouse Trap Hotel, Shantae [invertego]
  • Game Boy: Only trigger STAT interrupts at the start of OAM search; fixes Mortal Kombat 3 [invertego]
  • Game Boy Color: Fix HDMA5 bit.7 reads; improves a significant number of GBC games [invertego]
  • Game Boy Advance: Simulate standard GBA instead of Game Boy Player; fixes GBA Video titles [Luke Usher]
  • Mega Drive: Implement support for Sonic & Knuckles merged roms; fixes Sonic 2K, Sonic 3K [Luke Usher]
  • Mega Drive: Implement support for SRAM/EEPROM when using the SEGA Mapper; fixes Demons of Asteborg [Luke Usher]
  • Mega Drive: Default to 'accuracy' VDP; improves compatibility at the expense of performance [Luke Usher]
  • Mega Drive: Optimize how often the emulator synchronises between components; offsets the cost of the previous change [Luke Usher]
  • Nintendo 64: Maintain Parallel-RDP as a subtree; simplifies compilation [Luke Usher]
  • SG-1000: Implement support for roms greater than 32KB [Luke Usher]
  • SG-1000: Implement support for Taiwan Type-A/Type-B mappers; fixes unlicensed Taiwan releases [Luke Usher]
  • SM83: Fix DAA instruction [Meepster99]
  • TMS9918: Implement multicolor mode; fixes various SG-1000/ColecoVision games [invertego]
  • TMS9918/Master System/MSX: Allow sprites to bleed off top/left screen edges [invertego]
  • ares: Rename lucia to desktop-ui to better represent it's function [Luke Usher]
  • mia: Improve N64 save-type database [jeltaqq]
  • mia: Add support for UNF extension, alongside UNIF and NES [Shideravan]
  • nall: Add macOS deployment target flags; fixes ares on macOS 10.14 [MerryMage]
  • ruby: Give PulseAudio higher priority than ALSA on Linux Systems; ALSA was causing frame-rate issues [Luke Usher]

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