ares v137 released
2024-03-31 21:00:00

ares v137 has now been released.

Since v136, a total of 8 contributors have created 41 commits to the ares codebase.

If you wish to see the full changelog in a per-commit format along with their authors, similarly to how previous release notes were written, you can do so on GitHub here.

This is a relatively small update in terms of number of features/changes, however, the primary change is a big one I'm sure you all will love.

Slang Shader Pipeline (librashader)

ares's shader pipeline has been re-created to support shaders written for the same slang shader pipeline as RetroArch.

This was made possible thanks to librashader: a reimplementation of the RetroArch slang shader pipeline for standalone emulators.

All shaders from libretro/slang-shaders are included. Please be mindful that librashader itself, and ares' implementaton of it are both rather new; some shaders may have compatibility issues, but the vast majority should function as expected.

Bandai - WonderSwan / WonderSwan Color

  • Improve emulation of the WonderSwan APU: Improves Hyper-Voice accuracy as well as channel timing.

NEC - PC Engine / Turbografx 16 / CD

  • Add support for Games Express CD-ROM games, these use their own unlicensed System Card/BIOS.
  • Fix CD-ROM pregap offset (Fixes Super Air Zonk).
  • Fix PC-Engine Duo/Super CD-ROM internal RAM.

Nintendo - Super Famicom / SNES

  • wdc65816: Implement the (direct,X) wraparound bug in emulation mode. While this will not have any impact for commercial games (they don't tend to run in emulation mode) it is still an accuracy improvement that allows cputest-full to pass.
  • Implement SA-1 BW-RAM protection: as above, this does not have any impact for most commercial games, but it fixes the SA-1 RAM protection test.

Nintendo - Game Boy Advance

  • Improvements to PPU timings.
  • Improve 32-bit prefetch buffer timing during instruction fetch.

Sega - Sega Mega Drive / Genesis / 32X / CD

  • CD: Fix an off-by-one issue while decoding subchannels, fixes corruption in CD-G playback.
  • 32X: Fix that unused bits of the a1518a register should be set to 0; fixes some broken homebrew.
  • 32X: Add approximate timing for 32X memory regions; fixes Brutal: Above The Claw, all known commercial 32X games are now playable, although some minor issues may remain.
  • 32X: Fix an issue with dotscroll causing corruption on some scrolling graphics.


  • Fixed an issue where the latest macOS SDK caused the statusbar to overlay the entire screen, appearing as if ares was broken.
  • Fixed clipping issues in the splash screen on macOS.
  • Improve UI behavior when changing drivers with a game loaded.
  • Enabled the SDL audio driver on macOS