ares v130.1 released
2022-10-03 19:00:00

ares v130.1 has now been released.

This is an emergency hotfix release for macOS and Linux users that fixes the following issues

  1. N64, PS1 and 32X emulation crashes on Intel macs running macOS versions newer than Catalina. Unfortunately this slipped through the net because it was functional on Catalina, which I have, and the latest macOS on M1, which Rasky has.

  2. For Linux users, some Audio/Video/Input driver options were missing, due to broken dependency resolution.

Additionally, one minor emulation fix did get merged: the Copyright screen on Perfect Dark now renders using MAME RDP. (This is not yet fixed when using Parallel-RDP, as we are still working on getting it fixed upstream)

macOS users on Apple Silicon/ARM64 platforms, and Windows users can safely skip this update if they wish to do so.

Build System

  • Fix broken package detection after the switch to pkg-config [LukeUsher]

Nall (Standard Library)

  • Fix the recompiler/JIT on Intel macOS platforms newer than Catalina [LukeUsher]

Nintendo 64

  • Handle vstart/vend RDP coordinate wraparound when using MAME RDP [Rasky]