Sinclair - ZX Spectrum

We have made reasonable effort to verify that this list is accurate, however, due to the sheer number of games ares supports, there may be some issues that we missed. If you encounter any problems not specified here, please let us know by creating an issue on GitHub and we will investigate.

Games marked with an Unverified badge are expected to be playable to completion; but have not yet been verified by doing so. If you have completed an unverified title, please let us know on Discord, and we will update the status.

Title Status Version Notes GitHub Issues
Addams Family, The (1992)(Ocean)(128K) Completable Unverified v133 0
Ballblazer (1986)(Activision)(128K) Completable v133 0
Jet Pac (1983)(Ultimate Play The Game)(16K) Completable Unverified v133 0
Moon Patrol (1984)(Atarisoft) Completable v133 0
Psycho Hopper (1990)(Mastertronic Plus) Completable Unverified v133 0
Rocky Horror Show, The (1985)(CRL Group) Completable v133 0
Salamander (1987)(Konami)[Alkatraz Protection System] Completable Unverified v133 0