Nintendo - Famicom Disk System

We have made reasonable effort to verify that this list is accurate, however, due to the sheer number of games ares supports, there may be some issues that we missed. If you encounter any problems not specified here, please let us know by creating an issue on GitHub and we will investigate.

Games marked with an Unverified badge are expected to be playable to completion; but have not yet been verified by doing so. If you have completed an unverified title, please let us know on Discord, and we will update the status.

Title Status Version Notes GitHub Issues
Adian no Tsue (Japan) Completable Unverified v130 0
Ai Senshi Nicol (Japan) Completable Unverified v130 0
Akumajou Dracula (Japan) Completable Unverified v128 0
Akumajou Dracula (Japan) (Rev 1) Completable Unverified nightly 0
Akumajou Dracula (Japan) (Rev 2) Completable Unverified nightly 0
Akuu Senki Raijin (Japan) Unknown v124 0
All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. (Japan) (Promo) Unknown v124 0
Apple Town Monogatari - Little Computer People (Japan) Unknown v124 0
Armana no Kiseki (Japan) Unknown v124 0
Aspic - Majaou no Noroi (Japan) Unknown v124 0
Backgammon (Japan) Unknown v124 0
Bakutoushi Patton-kun (Japan) Unknown v124 0
Baseball (Japan) Unknown v124 0
Big Challenge! Dogfight Spirit (Japan) Unknown v124 0
Big Challenge! Go! Go! Bowling (Japan) Unknown v124 0
Big Challenge! Gun Fighter (Japan) Unknown v124 0
Big Challenge! Juudou Senshuken (Japan) Unknown v124 0
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (Japan) Unknown v124 0
Bomberman (Japan) Unknown v124 0
Breeder (Japan) Unknown v124 0